Car Body Repair

At Manchester Car Repair, car body repair makes up a large part of our work. In fact, we’re convinced that there’s someone out on the Manchester streets with a key and a grudge, determined to scratch and potentially ruin every shiny car they come across!

Add to that the number of vehicles we get coming in for car body repair due to being bumped in a Manchester car park, knocked at a junction or, more seriously, involved in a major accident and we would argue that there’s a strong case for drivers re-taking their test every five years!

And whilst it may not be great for you to have to come in to see us, luckily for you, our team of mechanics are extremely experienced when it comes to car body repair in Manchester. We’re more than used to dealing with dents in Daimlers, scratches on Sierras and bumps on BMWs – in fact, we’ve undertaken every type of car body repair in Manchester.

So, from scratches to crashes, if you need a car body repair in Manchester, contact us, come in to see us or wing us a few photos over and we’ll see what we can do to put it right – quickly, efficiently and professionally. Here are just some of our car body repair areas of expertise we specialise in:

A simple paint scratch – such as those inflicted on vehicles by our mysterious Manchester scratcher – might look like an easy fix, but often it’s not quite as simple as filling up the scratch with matching touch up paint. If the scratch is deep enough to expose the primer underneath, then it will need to be sanded down, filled with scratch filler and multiple coats of paint added. Leave it to the car body repair experts and we’ll buff it up and make it look as shiny as new.

Gouges and scrapes.
Gouges and scrapes, especially in modern plastic bumpers can look extremely unsightly. Elsewhere on your vehicle, the rust will quickly set in if any car body repair work undertaken is insufficient. Our car body repair work in Manchester is second to none. We have a reputation for making gouges disappear and getting your car out of a scrape – so contact us and let’s see what we can do to put it right.

From minor dents to major car body repair work. Manchester, Stockport, Bolton, no matter where you’re from or where the accident occurred we can come to your aid – not just to put a ‘sticking plaster’ over the problem, though. By the time we’ve finished on your car body repair, that misjudged turn you took will be a forgotten memory!

So – expertise: Check. Experience – check. Dedication – check and finally Patience – check. It can take a long time both for you to find the right place for your car body repair work and for mechanics to take the time to restore bodywork to its original glory. But once you’ve come to us for your car body repair work in Manchester, we’re confident you’ll be more than satisfied with the results – and we won’t leave a dent in your purse or wallet either!