Alloy Wheel Repair

We all like alloy wheels, right? Sturdy, sexy and shiny. A great set of alloy wheels on a fantastic car purring down a Manchester road impresses all those it passes. At Manchester Car Repair, we know that the right alloy wheels are just as important in both looks and function for the owner as they are for the car they own. So when those alloy wheels need repairing, it’s just as important that the alloy wheel repair not only meets, but exceeds the standards required by you.

Thankfully, for alloy wheel repairs in Manchester, your alloy wheels are in safe hands. Manchester Car Repair are the number one choice when it comes to getting alloy wheels repaired in Manchester. We take as much care fixing the vehicles that come into our centre as you do driving them, and equally, our alloy wheel repair service in Manchester is no exception

Alloy wheel repair is an intensive process and can involve many stages. Firstly, tyres are removed from the rim as well as any weights or valves. Then, wheels are put through a hot pressure wash to remove any excess dirt and grime. After that, your alloy wheels are placed into a chemical stripping tank to remove any old paint or lacquer coatings before being rinsed in a hot pressure wash. Then your alloy wheels are grit blasted to get rid of any blemishes or corrosion

The next stage of our alloy wheel repair service in Manchester is to inspect your alloy wheels for any damage. We inspect them for damage on the lips of the rims and check for any cracks and deep scratches on the rim edges before filling in the faces and spokes by alloy tig welding, machined using a range of techniques and hand tools, and then finished by hand.

After all that we then coat with primer and paint your alloy wheels, spray them with a protective lacquer and bake them dry. Finally, we refit the tyres to your alloy wheels, refit the wheels to your car and finish off by balancing and fitting chrome caps as well as offering new valves.

So, you can see that our alloy wheel repair service in Manchester is nothing short of exemplary. To completely replace alloy wheels can be extremely costly. Having your existing alloy wheels repaired, therefore, rather than replaced, means that you can get your car looking great again at a fraction of the cost of a complete alloy wheel replacement. Whether your alloy wheels have been damaged by kerbs, if they are scuffed or flaking, or if they ‘re simply looking tired, contact us about our alloy wheel repair service in Manchester and let’s see what we can do to make you feel like you’re the king of the road again.

Remember, alloy wheel repairs can be done at a fraction of the cost of complete alloy wheel replacement and can maintain or even add value to your car – so get in touch with us today, you’ll be ‘wheely’ glad you did!